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Versatile Sweep modulation from Am to Dm; Simple but fun sweep/tap; Django V-I Lick; Charlie Parker II-V-I Donna Lee; Quicky in A minor; Les Paul Lick; Charlie Parker Lick; Major Lick; Yngwie style licks. E minor descending Riff; Wes Mongomery voice leading II-V-I; Wes Mongomery II-V-I; II-V-I with Diminished; II-V-I m7b5 to Lydian; So What ....

Buy Ayurvedic & Herbal Diabetes Supplements from Sushrut Ayurved Industries and Bring Results To Your Diabetes Management Efforts. Product Support +91-9845220803 | +91-8105784545 [email protected] |. Discover our collection of Dr. Martens shoes for men, women & kids on sale at Platypus shoes. Shop Classic & Limited Styles. Free shipping on orders over $130.

Leica DM750 Clinical Microscope. The Leica DM750 is a reliable laboratory grade microscope. Designed with to withstand years of use, Leica DM750 clinical microscopes use all Brass gears, brass filled fine focus knobs (provides a precise and smooth feel), and high quality optics. The head can rotate 360 degrees without the need to loosen a screw.

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Milk Banana Smoothie. Start your day with a dose of calcium and potassium. "One of my favorite smoothies--one packet of Splenda is plenty sweet for me especially if my bananas are really ripe," says reviewer Sarah Jo. "I like to add a touch of vanilla extract and a pinch each of ground cinnamon and nutmeg.".

It's the silhouette you know and love, now in a kid-friendly mid-cut form. This version of the Air Jordan 1 Mid comes dressed in smooth leather and features color-changing, heat-reactive overlays. Product Details Leather upper with leather overlays Color-changing overlays Perforated toebox for breathability Swoosh over.

Everything you expect from DM's with a quality Smooth Leather upper and iconic slip-on design. The first Docs shoe inspired by subcultures. The Adrian rolled off the production line in the 70s - fusing mod-like smartness with DM's-level durability. Hardwearing and famously tough, our Smooth leather can be polished to shine or scuffed-up.

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